Unleashing the digital face of OTTO, an innovative online policy wallet, in the form of an engaging landing page and 3D designs.


Car insurance company

scope pf work

Product design
Application design

tech stack


In simplest terms, the OTTO team faced the challenge of visually embodying their unique features within a minimalistic yet engaging design.

Struggle to communicate OTTO's features through visuals.

Need for a minimalistic yet appealing design.

Demand for a compelling user flow strategy.


Grafit Agency designed a modern, eye-catching landing page integrated with unique 3D designs, while maintaining a clean aesthetic.


Successful transformation of user perception towards OTTO, leading to increased engagement and conversion rates.


"Creativity, functionality, and passion, all in one package!"

Grafit Agency's unrivaled ability to design experiences rather than just visuals, coupled with their expertise in the use of Webflow and Figma, led to an outcome that exceeded our expectations. Simple yet compelling, their work is a clear game-changer!

Jakub Panek

Founder of INVO