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Invo Academy

We partnered with INVO Academy to re-imagine their web presence, embracing modern AI and dynamic motion design elements.


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scope of work

Web Design
Product Design

tech stack


Refining INVO's online identity to resonate with a tech-savvy, progressive audience.

Struggled to invigorate their online presence.

Lacked modern, engaging design features.

Needed better persona-targeted communication.


We deployed an AI-infused, user-centric design strategy through Webflow and Figma, ensuring optimal interactivity and aesthetic appeal.


Increased user engagement, elevated conversion rates, and glowing stakeholder feedback, signaling a successful website reinvention.


Simply transformative. Grafit's agency turned our web vision into reality.

We loved how they handled everything - from their intuitiveness in capturing our vision, down to implementing AI functionality seamlessly.

Jakub Panek


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