Pawel Nical Advisory

Design and development of a personal brand website for Pawel Nical Advisory, a RevOps Advisor scaling B2B businesses, by Grafit Agency.


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scope of work

Web Design
Webflow Development

tech stack


Creating a captivating online presence for Pawel Nical Advisory that authentically represents their brand while showcasing their value proposition to the B2B market.

Absence of a cohesive brand identity

No dedicated platform to showcase the brand's value proposition

Lack of effectively communicated message


Grafit Agency designed a user-friendly Webflow website and brand assets, integrated third-party platforms, and a distinct pitch deck to showcase Pawel Nical's unique brand.


A visually appealing and cohesive personal brand site that perfectly echoed Pawel Nical Advisory's values and message, boosting the brand's overall visibility.


Impressive product discovery phase

Grafit Agency deeply understands and communicates a brand's core values, designing personal brand assets that truly embody the brand's identity.

Paweł Nicał

RevOps Advisor